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Till Valley Archaeological Society (TillVAS)

Patron: Rt. Hon. Lord Joicey


Hon. President: Dr. Chris Burgess

The Society's core aim is

"To encourage and promote the study of the archaeology, heritage and history of the catchment area of the River Till and the eastern Border lands of England and Scotland".

Please look at the Newsletter Page for details of our dig at Mardon Farm in August.


Do you have any old photographs of TillVAS activities?


We have not had the opportunity to meet or take part in activities during 2020 and this means we have had no photographs or stories about events. It might be interesting in this tenth year of TillVAS to look back over the years to digs, walks, talks etc and remind ourselves of what will hopefully be back in place in 2021. Please send any photos you think may be of interest - serious and not so serious, and I will try to include as many as possible in the gallery.




Dear TillVAS members and friends


We would like to thank all of you for your continued support over the past few months. We are especially grateful to those of you who have decided to renew your membership.


We are still working hard behind the scenes to find ways of offering talks and other events in the not too distant future - please have a look at the newsletter for more information


We will continue to keep in touch with you by the monthly newsletter, the website, facebook, twitter or as otherwise appropriate until we are able to resume TillVAS activities.


Meanwhile look after yourselves in these uncertain and challenging times


Kind regards


The TillVAS Committee.




We would like to share with you our interest in and enthusiasm for, everything to do with the history of the Till Valley and its river catchment, in north Northumberland, together with the eastern Border lands, once known as the English and Scottish Marches.

Photo-River Till, looking south from Twizel Bridge


The website has a dual purpose:-

Firstly, we wish to reach as wide an audience as possible so that, hopefully, those interested will want to attend meetings, excursions, archaeological 'digs', field walking and social occasions and become members of the Society.

Secondly, the intention is to keep members up-to-date with all the latest news and to inform them on what has happened, what is happening and what is planned for the future.


The Till Valley and the eastern Borders are rich in history and archaeological sites, set in attractive and varied landscapes. The River Till rises high up in the Cheviot Hills and is named the River Breamish in its upper reaches, becoming the River Till at Bewick Mill. It is a major tributary of the River Tweed and, unlike other tributaries, its course lies entirely in England. It is a long river, perhaps 40 miles, although it is difficult to be precise because of its many twists and turns before it finally flows into the River Tweed at Tillmouth.                      


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TillVAS is a not-for-profit organisation recognised as charitable by HMRC.

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Upcoming Webinars




Sunday 1st August. An open day at Crookham Village Hall.

In preparation for our dig on the 17th August we invite visitors to come and see the story so far. Activities for children, displays of past years at Mardon, the Village Atlas and more.


Northumberland Archives



Border Archaeological Society



North Northumberland Genealogy Group




The Society has an extensive collection of documents and photographs held in its secure archives. These are invaluable for members wishing to study the local history of the area or wishing to gather information for e.g. the  Village Atlas Project. Please click on the tag above to see the catalogues. Anyone wishing to access the archives should contact the Society's Archivist, Julia Day.

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