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Health & Safety Policies

Health & Safety Policies will be displayed before all TillVAS activities and participants will be asked to sign a sheet to confirm that they have read the appropriate policy. There is also a Guidance Note at the end of these policies for members who attend outings that involve walking, coping with rough or uneven ground or climbing or descending slopes.

Data Protection Privacy Statement

Till Valley Archaeological Society (TillVAS) is a not for profit, charitable, membership organisation which aims to encourage and promote the study of the archaeological heritage and history of the catchment area of the River Till and the eastern Borderlands of England and Scotland.

TillVAS is required to comply with data protection law in relation to all personal information gathered, including keeping it safely and securely.  In particular, TillVAS must be transparent about the information held and the purposes it is used for. 

TillVAS needs to gather personal information from its members including their contact details:

  • name,
  • address,
  • phone number(s), and
  • e-mail address

TillVAS may also hold other information about participation in TillVAS events.

TillVAS holds Gift Aid declarations and any banking details supplied by a member’s bank in connection with any bank transfer payments made to TillVAS. 

TillVAS will use personal information only to enable members to enjoy to the full the benefits of their membership. 

In particular, the personal information will be used:

  • to provide information about activities of TillVAS,
  • to forward information about other events activities and opportunities likely to be of interest to them,
  • to remind members of the need to renew their membership, and
  • for accounting purposes.

Information may be held electronically or in hard copy and will be kept safely and securely.

Members’ personal information will not be not passed on to any third party, except where required by law.  Currently the only such requirement is that information provided on a Gift Aid declaration must be passed to HMRC.   

Personal information is retained for an appropriate but limited time, which may vary according to the type of information held.  For example, signed attendance sheets from meetings are destroyed almost immediately, contact details are retained and updated throughout membership and Gift Aid information must be retained for 5 years from the date of payment.

Personal information is held by designated members of the Committee who hold only what they need to carry out their own responsibilities.  Notifications to members sent by email are ‘Blind Copied’ so that members cannot access the contact details of other members.

Members are able to access any information held on them by TillVAS at any reasonable time and amend it by contacting the Membership Secretary.  A member whose contact details change should provide the Membership Secretary with the revised details as soon as possible.

If you have any questions you can raise them with the Secretary, Sue Shaw (suecochraneshaw@gmail.com)



March 2020




General Health & Safety Risk Assessment



On public roads or car parks, park sensibly/safely, always considering other road users.

Do not block accesses. Leave extra space for wide farm vehicles.



Dogs should be kept on a leash and under control at all times.

Be aware that there may be grazing animals on access fields or on site. Avoid herds of cows with young calves.



Wear appropriate clothing for weather conditions—warm/waterproof clothes in wet weather, sun cream and hats in hot weather.


Site security

Close all access gates as required.

When field-walking, ensure that all equipment is collected and returned to a central point.


Slipping and tripping

Wear appropriate footwear; be aware of uneven/wet ground surfaces.


Limits of access

Stay within the designated boundaries of the site, keeping with the group as far as possible.

Use designated routes; do not climb fences or walls.



Be aware of possible deep excavations.


Taking photographs

Be aware of surrounding hazards whilst positioning to take photographs.



Wash hands or use hand gel before eating.


Cuts and abrasions

Be aware of sharp objects. Cover open cuts and grazes with a waterproof dressing as a precaution agains contracting Leptospirosis (Weils disease).



Washing of Finds or Other Work at Etal Rhodes (the TillVAS store)



Small area of rough ground by ruined buildings.

Otherwise park in front of barns at road and walk up track. Park sensibly/safely, always considering other road users.

Do not block accesses. Leave extra space for wide farm vehicles.


Site security

The site is on a working farm.

Dogs should be kepton a leash and under control at all times.

Be aware that there are grazing animals in fields next to the site and also in adjacent barns.

Stay within the designated boundaries of the site and use designated routes.

Close all gates/doors when accessing water supply within adjacent barn.


Slipping and tripping

Access to barn is across rough uneven ground.

Be aware of drop at side of concrete access ramp.

Wear appropriate footwear; be aware of uneven/wet ground surfaces.


Working area

Wear old clothing or overalls with strong shoes/boots or wellingtons.

Wear warm clothing in cold weather.

Wear protective gloves when working.

Wear eye protection when cleaning dry finds.

Be aware of uneven/wet surface in barn with poor lighting and trip hazards.

Ensure layout tables are stable and accessible.

Do not lift heavy loads on your own.

Guidance Note for members who attend outings that involve walking, coping with rough or uneven ground or climbing or descending slopes


If you have any doubts about your ability to go on an outing, the Society would respectfully ask you to err on the side of caution before booking so as not to spoil your own enjoyment and that of others in the group. The organiser of the outing is always happy to discuss any concerns that you may have before the outing and to offer advice. The Society reserves the right to refuse any person who is obviously unfit or unsuitably dressed for a particular outing.


If you find yourself struggling to keep up with the group whilst on an outing, please speak to the leader of the group who will be able to suggest somewhere suitable for you to wait. Your safety and wellbeing is of paramount importance but the interests of the group as a whole must be recognised.




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We are returning to our zoom talks for the winter moneths. Our next webinar will be on Wednesday 3rd February.

Our speaker will be

Emily Freeman from the National Museum of Scotland  talking about

Treasure Trove.


The Society has an extensive collection of documents and photographs held in its secure archives. These are invaluable for members wishing to study the local history of the area or wishing to gather information for e.g. the  Village Atlas Project. Please click on the tag above to see the catalogues. Anyone wishing to access the archives should contact the Society's Archivist, Julia Day.

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