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Flodden 1513 Ecomuseum: www.flodden1513ecomuseum.org/project


Although the Flodden 500 Project has come to an end, the Flodden 1513 Ecomuseum website continues and is being kept up to date with information on the battle, the ecomuseum, the 41 sites in the network and the results of the Flodden 500 Project. All the contributions to the ecomuseum's 2016 publication, FLODDEN LEGENDS & LEGACY The findings of the Flodden 500 Project are there, to be read online.

Battlefields Trust website: www.battlefieldstrust.com      < click on the link


The Battlefields Trust aims to:

* Save battlefields from destruction by motorways, housing developments etc.

* Provide a range of battlefield-related activities and information, including the quarterly magazine 'Battlefield', battlefield walks and conferences.

* Liaise with local and national organisations to preserve battlefields for posterity.

* Improve interpretation and presentation of battlefields.

Coquetdale Community Archaeology: www.facebook.com/pages/Coquetdale-Community-Archaeology/239819912702826   < click on the link


For details of our sister organisation with photographs and descriptions of all their current and past projects, there is a wealth of information on the group's Facebook page. We are grateful for the help that the group gives to us and to Flodden 1513 with CCA members heading north to take part in the Flodden digs. The group has a full programme of excavations, talks and other activities.

Northumberland Archaeological Group (NAG): http://northumberlandarchaeologicalgroup.wordpress.com< click on the link


Our Society also has very close links with NAG whose members are always willing to provide professional and volunteer help and advice to us. The Group's base is Newcastle-Upon-Tyne. All the Flodden excavations and field walking have NAG members taking part. The Group has a full programme of excavations, walks, talks and other activities, details of which can be found on the above site.

Carham Parish website



The websites of local parishes and communities up and down the Till valley and to the east and west of the valley are of interest to TillVAS members. They provide information about what is currently happening in their areas and often give information on interesting historical topics.

Border Archaeological Society


The Society has been active since 1997 with members from Northumberland and the Scottish Borders and is based in Berwick. All aspects of archaeology are covered, reflected in the nine lectures held each year. Many of the speakers come from far afield and are highly specialised and qualified in their own field of study.

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We are looking forward to our next webinar  on 2nd December. AOC  who led the 'The Whiteader Project' will offer a talk entitled Monks and the manor

See right

Ford Forge

Join us on the 16th December to hear the story so far- see right

Ancrum Old Bridge Project

Thank you to Geoff Parkhouse for sending this link about this very successful project. We are hopng Geoff will give a talk to TillVAS sometime in the new year.




Aspects of Buildings & Monuments: Branxton, Crookham, Etal, Ford

by Antony Chessell & Gwen Chessell. Price £10 pbk 214pp.

Foreword by Rt. Hon. Lord Joicey

ISBN 978-0-244-75069-5


More information about this second publication by TillVAS can be seen on the Publications page.



The Society has an extensive collection of documents and photographs held in its secure archives. These are invaluable for members wishing to study the local history of the area or wishing to gather information for e.g. the  Village Atlas Project. Please click on the tag above to see the catalogues. Anyone wishing to access the archives should contact the Society's Archivist, Julia Day.


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The Society operates a bookstall at all its meetings.

Items for sale include:-

1. The Society's first two publications by Antony Chessell and Gwen Chessell; Breamish and Till: From Source to Tweed  and Aspects of Buildings and Monuments: Branxton, Crookham, Etal, Ford   at £10 per copy and

2. Vivian Wilcock's Andrew Todd 1844-1908 ( with research input by TillVAS members) at £5 per copy.

See the Publications page for more about these books.


Copies of Breamish and Till and Aspects of Buildings and Monuments: Branxton, Crookham, Etal, Ford , both written by Antony Chessell and Gwen Chessell, are also available in Cornhill Village Shop and the Lavender Tea Rooms and Village Shop in Etal.


There are also archaeological books and journals for sale. Net proceeds of sale go to TillVAS funds.