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Photograph Gallery

Some Images of the excellent displays by Antony and Maureen for the Etal Flower Show.

Images of Iron Age Day 22nd June 2019

The YACs successfully complete their replica roundhouse

Making models and beads

Baking Iron Age bread - and eating it!

Colin thought Ray's Iron Age home Brew was very drinkable.

Mnay thanks to Antony and Maureen for the excellent displays

Firing the pots made on the pottery course.

Iron Age Pottery Course

A brave Richard Carlton removes a sock and shoe to demonstrate mixing clay and temper the traditional way.

Kneading in a little more sand or grit to get the correct consistency.


Our enthusiastic team set about making pots to be fired on Iron Age Day.

The Mardon Dig of 2018


An aerial shot of our site showing the shadow of the iron age ditch in the bottom right hand corner of the largest tranch.

Heading off for a tea break while the experts try to solve the riddle of the stones. Note the neat upturned buckets and barrows left by our trusty volunteers!

Voluteers and professionals busy working on the dark areas of the large trench. Some pieces of iron age pot were found both here and in several of the other trenches.

A large piece of pot standing vertically. A pot base was found nearby.

Thank you to Paul Marshall and Maureen Charlton for these photographs taken at the New Years day walk of 2018



A selection of photographs from the dig at Mardon Farm 2017.

Sitting in the tent on one of only two wet days.

Heres what everyone is looking at. Janis pulled a large piece of iron age pottery from what was throught to be a drip trench, perhaps from a thatched roof.

A beautifully clear photograph of the 'drip trench' before excavation.

When this ditch was excavated there were some interesting finds in the mud including animal bones and vegetation.

The dig is over and its time to take a well earned rest. We are pleased to have found good dating evidence in the form of Iron age pottery and will look forward to the results of tests on the animal bones, soil samples and vegetation.


Metal Detecting

There are moves afoot to have further training and practice days for metal detecting and we hope to offer new dates in early 2020. Meanwhile, a look at our previous training days.

Metal Detecting training day on 29th January 2017 at Sandyford Farm, Crookham, an event arranged by Heather Pentland for 13 people using TillVAS metal detectors. The instructor was Ian Glendinning and additional tuition and advice was provided by Allan Wightman.  There was a sizeable collection of objects collected during the day, (many of them bent and twisted pieces of iron- but this was a training day!), with the most prolific hoard being horseshoes of various sizes. 

A study in concentration from a well-known Hon. Member of TillVAS during the metal detecting training day at Sandyford Farm, Crookham on 29th January 2017.

This is one of a number of stopping points on the walking route when Max Adams described the background to the Progress of the Bernician Royal households and how the medieval landscape might have determined their route. Max provided us with a wealth of information and evidence, some of this archaeological and some from the writings of the 'Venerable' Bede.

Lunch stop at Brownridge on Chatton Moor just before a sleet shower. Overall, we were fortunate with the weather with a good deal of sunshine but a strong wind made its presence felt on the more exposed parts of the 7km walk across the moor and down to Chatton.

At the end of the Flodden 1513/TillVAS event on 23rd April 2016, with the party standing within the site of what was once a magnifcant palace at Yeavering below the impressive Yeavering Bell. Max Adams is describing the excavations carried out here in the 1950s by Brian Hope-Taylor and describing theories relating to the use of such a vast area and its connection with the dominant hill fort above.

Many thanks to John Pentland for this view of the excavating team on 1st June 2015, led by John Nolan and Jenny Vaughan.

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We are looking forward to our next webinar  on 2nd December. AOC  who led the 'The Whiteader Project' will offer a talk entitled Monks and the manor

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Ford Forge

Join us on the 16th December to hear the story so far- see right

Ancrum Old Bridge Project

Thank you to Geoff Parkhouse for sending this link about this very successful project. We are hopng Geoff will give a talk to TillVAS sometime in the new year.




Aspects of Buildings & Monuments: Branxton, Crookham, Etal, Ford

by Antony Chessell & Gwen Chessell. Price £10 pbk 214pp.

Foreword by Rt. Hon. Lord Joicey

ISBN 978-0-244-75069-5


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