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The Society was formed in February 2011 in response to local interest in the archaeology, history and heritage of the Till Valley. Its formation was greatly stimulated by the participation of local volunteers in the archaeological excavations taking place on and around the site of the Battle of Flodden.


The enthusiasm and hard work of the volunteers was recognised by the professional archaeologists leading the excavations. Dr. Chris Burgess, Northumberland County Archaeologist, encouraged and persuaded a 'core' of volunteers that there was a need for a local Society to be involved in local archaeology and history which would complement the activities of other volunteer groups already in place further south in Northumberland.


The idea took hold quickly and indoor meetings and outdoor events were arranged, the first of these being centred on Crookham Village Hall. Crookham is still the 'home' venue although other locations are used from time to time such as Etal Village Hall, Branxton Village Hall and Coldstream Community Centre. Many more local people were encouraged to join the Society and to take part in excavations and field walking.


The establishment of the Society also enabled insurance cover to be put in place so that members might be protected against any risk incurred on its activities including archaeological excavations. The Society itself is covered against public liability. All non-members taking part in an excavation are required to be insured through the Society and twelve months cover is provided by collection of a small charge when they are on site.


There has been a strong growth in membership since 2011 reaching 123 members by March 2017 (including our first overseas member), reflecting the extent of local (and even wider) interest.

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We are looking forward to our next webinar  on 2nd December. AOC  who led the 'The Whiteader Project' will offer a talk entitled Monks and the manor

See right

Ford Forge

Join us on the 16th December to hear the story so far- see right

Ancrum Old Bridge Project

Thank you to Geoff Parkhouse for sending this link about this very successful project. We are hopng Geoff will give a talk to TillVAS sometime in the new year.




Aspects of Buildings & Monuments: Branxton, Crookham, Etal, Ford

by Antony Chessell & Gwen Chessell. Price £10 pbk 214pp.

Foreword by Rt. Hon. Lord Joicey

ISBN 978-0-244-75069-5


More information about this second publication by TillVAS can be seen on the Publications page.



The Society has an extensive collection of documents and photographs held in its secure archives. These are invaluable for members wishing to study the local history of the area or wishing to gather information for e.g. the  Village Atlas Project. Please click on the tag above to see the catalogues. Anyone wishing to access the archives should contact the Society's Archivist, Julia Day.


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The Society operates a bookstall at all its meetings.

Items for sale include:-

1. The Society's first two publications by Antony Chessell and Gwen Chessell; Breamish and Till: From Source to Tweed  and Aspects of Buildings and Monuments: Branxton, Crookham, Etal, Ford   at £10 per copy and

2. Vivian Wilcock's Andrew Todd 1844-1908 ( with research input by TillVAS members) at £5 per copy.

See the Publications page for more about these books.


Copies of Breamish and Till and Aspects of Buildings and Monuments: Branxton, Crookham, Etal, Ford , both written by Antony Chessell and Gwen Chessell, are also available in Cornhill Village Shop and the Lavender Tea Rooms and Village Shop in Etal.


There are also archaeological books and journals for sale. Net proceeds of sale go to TillVAS funds.