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1940/1950 - Rough pencil sketch of occupants of Branxton Village

Extract from Keys to the Past – general information.

Extract from P.J. Dixon’s Medieval Lost Villages of North Northumberland.

Extract from Keys to the Past and  various maps

Document from FBMA re Branxton Document ,

 The Barony of Wooler – Branxton  - NRO4118 p.164

1208 - Extract from “Feet of Fines” , Northumberland and Durham Vol. X

1296 – Lay subsidy roll – (In Bygone Branxton)

1476 – Grant (transfer of property) William Selbye to Oliver Selbye (ZHG 1/3) -

1485 – Quit Claim, Robert Collyngwood and Oliver Selby )ZHG 1/4) -

1568/69 – Sir Thomas Grey’s Survey of the Baronies of Wooler -

1580 - Extract from Calendar of Border Papers – Muster of the East Marches -

1581 – final Concord, William Strother, Lancelot Strother and John Selby (ZHG 1/13) -

1584 - Extract from Calendar of Border Papers   - Muster of Horse on East Marches (In Bygone Branxton)

1584 - Extract   “            “          “      “            “       - Muster of the East Marches –

1713 – Mortgage of land.

1736 - Transcription, Bishop Chandler’s visitation to Branxton -

1749 – Schedule of Land Tax for the Parish of Branxton.

1772 – Extracts from Ford Estate 1/2yearly Rent Book

1780 – Plan of Branxton Common lanes – ( Donal O’Driscoll)

1781 – Text – Branxton Moor Enclosure Award (NRO 2DE17/1) -  (ZHE 31/2)

1785 – Documents re. George Matthewson, draper (large folder)

1795 - Northumberland Naval Quota – John Winning

1810 – Information from David Jones re. discovery of Flodden body pit.

1828 – Extract from Parson & White’s Directory

1827 to 1857 – Colllingwood Properties at Branxton.

1833 – Electoral Roll

1841 – Folder – documents re. Fairnington’s Joiners.

1842 – Schedule of tithes of Corn, Grain and Hay  (DT66/5)  (in Bygone Branxton)

1842 – Application of Rent Charge in lieu of Tithes (DT66/5)

1847 – Extract from White’s Directory.

1847 – Sale of effects at Branxton Moor (ZHE 31/2)

1810 – Information from David Jones re. discovery of human bones near Branxton and Report of Proceedings of the Society (Berwick Nat. Club) 27th July 1858.

1850 – 1879 – Extracts from St.Paul’s Church Vestry book.

1855 – Extract from Whellan’s Directory.

1858 – Extract from Post Office Directory

1860 – Drawing of Branxton bet. 1863 & 1910 – G. Patterson, 1990

1871/1873 – Documents (2), Queen Anne’s Bounty – Branxton Vicarage, DNE.E/1/41/29

1871/1873 – Document, Account, Rev. J.D.Hepple/Messrs. Patterson – DNE, as above.

1872 - Account from Robt. Sidey, Plumber, Glazier & Gas Fitter, repairs to Branxton      Vicarage for Rev. J.D.Hepple (DN/E/1/41/29) –

1872 – Account from Robert Dickson, repairs to Vicarage Stable. (Queen Anne’s bounty)

1882 – Inventory of Live and Dead Stock at Branxton Moor Sale. – NRO 493/31

1886 – Folder – business of Isaac Fairnington, draper, successor to Isaac Matthewson.

1887 – Extract from Bulmer’s Directory.

1890 – Drawing of Branxton Thatched Cottage built by G. Patterson.

1859 – Drawing of Vicarage and shop from G. Patterson’s notes 1990

1893 –Extract from Glendale Parish Magazine, NRO 1416/2 – general information.

1894 – Extract from Kelly’s Directory.

1897  - Documents relating to Branxton Primitive Methodist Church and details of the history probably written by John Fairnington.

1898 – Branxton developments – drawing – by G. Patterson, 1990

1899 – Extract from Glendale Par. Mag. Re. Churchyard.

1900 – Extract from Glendale Par. Mag. Re. entertainment, slides of South Africa.

1901 – Extract from Branxton & National County Primary School Log Book.

1901 – Extract from Glendale Parishes Magazine, March, re. Death of Queen Victoria -

1901 – Extract from Glendale Parishes Magazine, October, Return  of John Patterson from Boer War  (in Bygone Branxton)

1901 – Extract from Glendale Parishes Magazine, December, re. Miss Grace Watson. (in            1871 she lived at Branxton Steads – 38 years old. – Census)

1910 – Doomsday Valuations, 3 pages, (NRO2000/48)

1910 to 1915 – Extracts from Glendale Par. Mag – various subjects.

1910 – Newspaper article -  opening of Branxton New Hall.

1912 – Article in Berwick Journal re plans for fountain at Sybil’s Well.

1912 – Extract from Alnwick County Gazette, Flood at Branxton.

1912 to 1931 – Electoral Rolls.

1914 – Extract from Kelly’s Directory

1915 – Report of wedding of Ellen Matthewson.

1921 – Extract from Kelly’s Directory

1934 – Extract from Kelly’s Directory

1934 – Branxton Reading Room – programme October to December

1938 – Extract from Kelly’s Directory.

1939 – School class photo.

1950’s – School class, teacher Miss Wood.

1966 – Agricultural Survey of Branxton – NRO 2794

2012 – Survey of Branxton St.Paul’s Church by Peter Ryder.

2016 -  Flodden Hill and Battlefield: Timeline - by John Nolan.

 Folder – description of Battle – fiction. (Courtesy of Etal Castle Museum)


Updated 02.04.2017



2017, Guide to Flodden Peace Centre Garden

Notes on Crookham Desmesne Farm (from Stafford Linsley)

Extract from Berwick upon Tweed Visitor Guide.

General notes of Crookham Research Project.

Extracts from P.J.Dixon’s Medieval Lost Villages of North Northumberland. (2 pages)

1296 -  Lay Subsidy Roll

1538 – Musters of Northumberland (Extract from Arch. Aeliana)

1580 -  Muster of the East March – Ext. from Calendar of Border Papers -

1584 - Muster of the East March, 1st to 3rd September – Ext. from Calendar of Border

 Papers. - 

1584 - Muster of Horse of East Marches, 30th September – Ext. from Calendar of Border Papers-  - ( In Bygone Crookham)

1652 - 10th January, copy of original “Indenture” between James Murrey and Thomas Carr of Ford and transcription - house, yard and croft buttes at Crookham (NRO 89/6/2) 

1653 – Will of George Pearson, Crookham – National Archives, p.72 (VG)

1655 – Extract from Northumberland Families,Vol. 1, mortgage held by Lionel Bradford,and Ralph Bradford.

1659 - 23rd July, copy of original “Indenture” between Cuthbert Smith & Mary Smith and Thomas Carr of Ford and transcription  – lands at Crookham (NRO 89/6/1) -   

1669 - “Frank Pledge” Baron Francis Blake, Elizabeth Blake & Susanna  Hinkles, NRO 1216/A7/8  -  (In Map chest)

1672 - Manor Court Rolls – Crookham -  NRO 1216/A7/7

1674 - Manor Court Rolls - Crookham. -

1676 - Manor Court Rolls – Crookham & Westfield & -

Explanation of Manor Court Rolls

1678 – The Crookham Affray (from Arch.Aeliana)

1687 - 31st January, copy of original “Hinds conditions of Service”  at Gatherick and transcription – John Kennit  (NRO 1216/B5/2) -

1687 - 31st June, copy of original “Hinds conditions of Service” and transcription – John Edington.   (Possibly at Gatherick) (NRO 1216/B5/2) -  

1687 - Copy of original “Account of Horses kept by Robert Todd” and transcription (NRO 1216/B5/2)

1687 - Copy of original “Hinds conditions of Service” at Gatherick and transcription (no name) (NRO 1216/B5/21687 -

1687  - Copy of original “Hinds conditions of Service” at Gatherick and transcription –  Henry Thomson (NRO 1216/B5/2) -

1723/49 – St.Michaels & All Angels Burial Record – inhabitants of Crookham. (Ann Ferguson)

1750 – Division of Heatherslaw  - Wm.Stoll (NRO 1216/B4/16)(incl. Reel-up & Crookham Smithy

1758 – Plan of George Millers Close, NRO 1216/B/4/10

1758/60 – Ford Estate Tithe Book- BRO 1216/B2/4  (In Bygone Crookham.)

1758/66 – Extract from Rent Account – Ford Estate, incl. contents of John Liddle’s farm – (In Bygone Crookham)

1750? – Notes on Cottage Lands at Crookham (no date or signature) (NRO 1216B5/5)

1758 – 1766 – Survey of Cottage Lands (not necessarily Crookham)

1762 – Survey of Crookham Farm for John Delaval, with rents -  2DE/15/2/1

1762 – Survey of Crookham Farm, for John Delaval, as on plan, 2DE/15/2/1 (In plan chest)

1763 – Extracts from Ford Estate papers – account of Pallinsburn tithes (NRO 1216/B2/4/3)

1766 – Document  re. Exchange of Lands at Crookham (NRO 1216/B/3)

             Notes on Cottage Lands at Crookham (NRO 1216/B5/5)

             Survey of Cottage Lands (not necessarily Crookham)

1763 – 1775 – Extracts from Ford Estate Papers, NRO 1216/B2/4/1-7:  B2/4/4:  B2/2/1:  B2/4/6:  B2/3/3;  B2/4/2 (Pallinsburn Tithes, Rents from cotters at Crookham, Goods bought for Ford Estate 1687, Half yearly rents at Crookham)

1766 – document , re. exchange of lands in Crookham, NRO 1216/B/3

1767 – Half yearly rentals – Ford Estate.- B1216/B2/1/2

1768 – Plan of Robert Bruce’s farm with Widow Waddle’s house & yard – NRO 1216/B.4/5

             Plan of Widow Waddle’s house & yard with Margaret Hal’s house – NRO 1216/B.4/6

             Plan of fallow land adjacent to the Wooler Road – NRO 1216/B.4/7 (All three in Bygone Crookham)

1769 – Half yearly rentals – Ford Estate. -          

1774/1776 – Day book of John Liddle’s Farm, 2/DE/19/2

1776 – Schedule of Leases, Ford Estate, incl. Croookham, Ref. 2/DE.1/15/37

1776/1779 – Leases on Ford Estates, Heatherslaw & Crookham, Crookham, Crookham Ridge and Crookham Westfield. – 2DE/1/12-41

1777 – Extract from Deeds (held at Woodhorn) lands sold by Askew to John Moore of Grimes Hill, Middleton, Westmoreland. – B19/2/3

1778 – Indenture – Sir John Hussey-Delaval and John & James Darling – tithes at Marden, Ref. 2/DE.1/12/21

1779 – Schedule of Leases, Ford Estate, West of Till, superceded by others, Ref. 2/DE.1/15/38

1785 – Account of work by Matthew Hall – Encampment farm, NRO 1216/B2/47, p.13

1787 – Lease of Encampment Farm to Matthew Hall.   2/DE/1/12/35.   Quit 1793

1787/88 – Indictment re. road, from Goselawburn Bridge to Pallinsburn, QSI. 405/23

1788 – Plan of two closes in Crookham, change of tenants, 2/DE/15/2/3 (Widow Waddle’s)

1788 – Indenture – Sir John Hussey-Delaval and Thos Younghusband of Ellick, tithes at Marden, Ref. 2/DE.1/12/39

1788 – 10th March – Ford Estate Lease – Close in Crookham, Ref. 2/DE.1/13/? (1&2)

1788 – 21st April – Ford Estate Lease – Lookout farm, nr. Heatherslaw – Peter Fish, Ref. 2/DE.1/13/? (1&2) 

1792 – Half yearly rentals, Ford Estate, (1216/B2/1/2) -

1798 – Return of Men and Carts

Ca.1800 – Crookham Rentals, Ford Estate, Ref. 2/DE.19/4/99

1801 – Schedule of Leases, West of Till, Ref. 2/DE.1/13/24 (1&2)

1801 – Information on Thomas Hall, Minister at Crookham from 1828, contribution to history of Northumberland by Eneas Mackenzie.

1804 — "A True & Authentic copy - Trust Deeds of the Dissenters of Crookham."  

1806 – Northumberland Land Tax, Ford Estate (incl. Crookham) Communities.Northumberland.

1810 – Ford Estate Valuation excl. of tithes (NRO 1218/B2/3/3)

1813/47 – St.Michael & All Angels Burial Record – inhabitants of Crookham (Heather Pentland)

1827 – Extract from Parson & White’s Directory

1829 – Extract from “Report as to the Ford Estate” -A Survey of Crookham” by David Stewart, for the Marquess of Waterford.   B1850     

1829 -    Extract from above re. Crookham School.

1829 – Extract from above re. Blinkbonny Farm, B1850, no. 6

1829 – As above re:  Encampment Farm, B1850. No. 7

1829 – As above re:  Barelees Farm, B1850

1833 – Electoral Roll.

1836 – Tillside Games (from Berwick Advertiser)

1841 – The “Crookham Wall” – boundary between Pallinsburn and Ford Estates.

1841& 1844 – Plans of Crookham Pres. School.

1843 – Extract from Berwick Advertiser, 20th October, Fatal Occurrence near Pallinsburn. - #

1847 – Extract from White’s Directory

1848/1901 – St. Michael & All Angels Burial Record – inhabitants of Crookham, (Heather


1848 – Documents and correspondence re:  James Cockburn (dec) Innkeeper & Farmer –

NRO 530/20/245

1850 – Tithe Award , text and plan (DT126L)

1855 – Extract from Whelan’s Directory.

1858 – Extract from Kelly’s Directory.

1865 – Drawings etc. repairs to Cottage in Crookham, NRO 559/94, p.20 (the Croft)

1881 – Report from Crookham Kirk Sessions re. School.

1887 – Extract from Bulmer’s Directory.

1894 – Extract from Kelly’s Directory

1902 – Extract from Kelly’s Directory (BRO A4/45)

1910 – Land Valuation book, Ford Estate (incl. Branxton & Crookham) Communities.Northumberland.

1910 – Doomsday Valuation1910  - Extract from Kelly’s Directory (BRO A4/45)

1911 – Extract from Alnwick County Gazette re Crookham Parish Hall, tenancy of School playground

1911 – Account from John Conquer to Thos.  Patterson, carting to Crookham V.H.

Ca. Jan. 1912 – Pencil drawing of Crookham Village Hall exterior, “to Mr. Gray”

1912 – Account from John Conquer to J.S. Rule & Sons, re. Crookham V.H

1912 – Extract from Alnwick county Gazette – Crookham ParishHall, (2 copies)

1912 – 1931 – Electoral Rolls.

1913 – Report in Berwick Advertiser – Dance in Crookham V.H. -

1914 – Extract from Kelly’s Directory  (3 pieces)

1919 – Drowning at Doddington Quarry – Berwick Advertiser 9th May.

1919/20 – Census of cottages & occupants, Crookham.   NRO 559/68.7G (BRO)

1921 – Extract from Kelly’s Directory

1931/32 – Extract from Account Book, Fairnington Bros. Joiners, re. Crookham V.H.

1933 – Crookham New Church, extract from Berwick Advertiser, July 13th 1933.

1934 – Extract from Kelly’s Directory

1938 – Extract from Kelly’s Directory

1940 – Valuation of Live and Dead Stock at Callaburn, Mr. Douglas Logan deceased.

1926/1954 – Memories of Crookham Village by Sally Hardy

1931 – List of pupils at Crookham School, from Tom Turnbull..

1919/1920 – Census of cottages and occupants in Crookham, NRO 559/63-68/79

1995 – Crookham Eastfield, RCHME Farmstead Survey.

2016 – “Flodden Hill & Battlefield – Timeline” by John Nolan    




“The Trewe Encountre” – the Battle of Flodden.

Extract from unpublished thesis re. The Battle of Flodden – part 8.1:  “The Prime of Our Land Lie Cauld in the Clay”  (Finding forgotten Fields,Battles – by Ryan Keefe McNutt)

“The Hirsel Excavations” by Rosemary Cramp, 2014

“Castle Heaton – an investigation and survey of the vaulted building and adjacent earthworks” by Clare Howard and Rebecca Pullen, English Heritage.

Andrew Todd

Robert Storey

Peter Anderson Graham.

The Culley Brothers.

Whisky Smuggling in the Borders.

Milfield and Ewart Grass Parks, 1896, incl. railway timetable.



Pattersons, Builders, at Branxton, undated, two copies.

The Cairns family, cottage demolished to make way for the new estate. (photos from Jennifer Miens.) 3 copies.

Inauguration of Branxton Fountain by Mr. W.H. Askew, August 1910 (from Jennifer Miens)

Two ladies outside Branxton Post Office, undated, possibly a Postwoman, Ref. BRO 332/6

BRANXTON, St. Pauls Church.

Exterior before the new porch added in 1935, front and rear – 6 copies.

Interior view, with stove pipe, 1892 – 2 copies.

Exterior views after 1935, 7 copies.

Interior views, undated, 2 copies, (from Jennifer Miens)

Sunday School at Branxton Vicarage, 1940

Sunday gathering at Branxton Vicarage with evacuees, 1940/41?



Exterior view, undated.

Branxton School, pupils, about 1900

Pupils with two teachers, on road outside the school, early 20th C (from Jennifer Miens)

Pupils with two teachers, in yard, 1954 – with names below,

Pupils in Fancy Dress, 1949/1950 (  photo from Val Ainslie)

Pupils at the school, undated, (from Jennifer Miens)


Copy of post card – Greetings from Branxton ( from Jennifer Miens)

The “Actual Battlefield of Flodden at Branxton”.

Erecting the “Flodden Monument”, 1910,  3 copies ( from Jennifer Miens)

The Branxton “Mission Hall” (the Tin Chapel)

Branxton from the Branxton Hill Road, the car is standing outside Branxton Villa. (from Jennifer Miens) 2 copies.

Branxton West End, undated, late 19thC? (from Jennifer Miens)

Branxton East End, undated, showing Blue Row (from Jennifer Miens)

As above, showing Well House, undated. (from Don O’Driscoll)

Marmions Well, Branxton.

Blue Row, Branxton, undated.

Branxton Villa, undated.

Aerial view of east end, with Fairnington’s Joiners yard in the foreground, 2 copies.

Branxton West End, 1920s?  (from Tom Turnbull)

Thatched cottages at Branxton (old Cobblers Cottage) undated, 2 copies.

Branxton West end, with old Cobblers Cottage & steps up to Well House. Undated.

Branxton Steads, cottage & buildings, 2015, 4 images.



Preparing the Etal Rhodes Store, 2011

A field walking day near Branxton, 2011?

Metal Detecting instruction with Ian Glendinning, April 2011

Bamburgh Castle Excavations with Graham Young, July 2011

Gefrin, with Roger Miket, July 2011

Callerburn Test pits, August 2011

Fishwick excavations with Christian Pedersen, 2011

April 19th, 2012, Chatton Moor Cup & Ring stones with Kevin Malloy.

Kirknewton Walking Festival, August 2012.

Planting the commemorative Flodden Oak Tree, November 2012

December 5th, 2012, walk with Antony Chessell at the Hirsel, Coldstream.

January 2nd, 2013,  at Goats Crag & Routin Lynn with Chris Burgess

Twizel Castle with Catherine Kent, May 2013 & plan of castle.

A Walk and picnic in the Ingram Valley with John & Jenny, June 2013

Members at Harbottle Castle, July 2013 (on the way back from Barrowburn)

Visit to CCA excavations at Barrowburn, August 2013.

January 1st 2014 – in the College Valley with Chris Burgess

Barmoor Castle with John Nolan, April 2014

Coupland Castle, courtesy of Mr. & Mrs. Jell,  October 2014

January 1st 2015, in the College Valley (a different route) with Chris Burgess.

Castle Heaton, courtesy of Mr. & Mrs. Dakin.   April 2015

January 1st 2016, at Blawearie with John Nolan.

“In the Footsteps of King Oswald - The Road to Gefrin” with Max Adams, 23rd April 2016

Visit to Crookham Eastfield  (Culley Brothers) – July 2016



Crookham Presbyterian Church Sunday School picnic to Pressen, 1904 (orig. & copy) signed by Rev. Moses Forsyth.

As  above at East Learmouth, 27th July 1907. (orig. & copy)

As above to Lanton, 23rd July 1910 (orig. & copy)

As above to Pressen, 12th July 1913.

Sunshine Juvenile Lodge, Crookham, undated.

Crookham Sunday School party, 1966

Two photographs (copies) – family of Rev. Moses Forsyth, undated

Scotts, Tailors & Drapers (cottage recently the Post Office) two copies.

Crookham Womens Institute – undated, no names – two photos.

Family photograph, no names, from Tom Turnbull.

Mr. & Mrs. Ivor Lockie, outside the Post Office/shop



Pupils -Crookham Council School, undated (Tom Turnbull’s Auntie Winnie bottom left)

Pupils – Crookham Council School,undated, early 19thC? with 3 teachers. (from T. Turnbull)

Pupils -Crookham Council School, 1922 (copy from Newspaper, 8th June 1995)

Pupils -Crookham Council School, early 20thC, two copies (T. Turnbull)

Pupils – Crookham Council School, undated.

Pupils – Crookham Council School, 1940s?

Pupils – Crookham Council School, 1950s?

Schoolchildren crossing road, from Playing field, shop in foreground



Copies of photographs – various – incl. man with a horse and copy of painting by T. Gee, 1938.



Photograph - three copies, early 20thC.

Photograph, 2015/



The Old Stable & Church Officer’s House, demolished and rebuilt 1908

Interior of Church, pre.1932, two photos.

As above, Christmas time? 2 copies.

Exterior of Church pre. 1932, two post cards and copies.

The new Presbyterian Church of England, rebuilt 1933, two post cards & copies.



View of Crookham and the Coach House from Blue Bell Bank.

The School, Schoolmasters House and Church pre. 1932, two copies.

The shop and Post Office, from the School Playing field, bet. 1920 & 1938, two copies.

The School Playing field, Church House, School & Master’s House, shop, Askew Terrace, and National School, undated.

Interior of National School?

The old Joiners Shop, now  “Holmlea”.

Aerial view of Crookham West end, 1992.

Aerial view, Askew Terrace and old National School, 1992

The shop/Post Office, etc., early 20thC,, four copies & two post cards.

Askew Terrace & old National School, pre. 1910

The Coach House, 2015.

The old Dairy and Mardon Row, early 20thC, four copies.

The old Dairy,pre 1933, post card & 5 copies.

The rebuilt Dairy pre.1957

8 small various & post card from M. Curle to Mrs. A. Scott, National Schoolhouse, undated.




The Flodden Memorial – 2017.

Alan Urwin, Flodden Hill, September 2011.

Jenny Vaughan, Flodden Hill, September 2011.

Washing Finds at Etal Store, 2012. (4 pics)

Field Walking at Blinkbonny, 2012

Cataloguing finds at Etal, 2012

Cataloguing Finds at Crookham

Flodden, 2012, Barbara Esslemont and Diana Smith.

Flodden & 16thC Discovery Weekend at Etal August 2013.

Test pit at Branxton, 2013. (Yes. It’s a hole)

Folder of photos, Test pits, 2013,

Flodden 2013 – Commemoration  Week, Excavations at Branxton Steads.

Flodden 2013, - Commemoration Week, Chris Burgess with schoolchildren.

Flodden, Commemoration Week, September 2013.

Flodden Hill excavations, (7)

Flodden Hill excavations, 2014, with John Nolan at left.

Flodden Hill, excavations, 2015, A4, with Jenny, Heather & John P..

Flodden Hill excavations, May 2015, just before backfilling.

Flodden Hill, excavations, May 2015 – closing down.

Flodden Hill, excavations, 2015, group photo with names.

Flodden Hill, excavations, 2015 (2) with Bob Jackson, centre.

Flodden Hill, with G. Moir, Diana Smith, Barbara Esslemont & Deb. Campbell.

Images of metal detecting finds, Tudor lead button; half silver penny, William 1st (Scot),  minted 1174; and ? no description.


Associated fieldwork.

Norham – “How does all this fit together?” with Chris Burgess, Deb Campbell, James McQuillan, Lizzie Herbert & John Pentland.


Wark Castle – 2014 (4) with Chris Burgess.

The “Mudlarks” with Richard Carlton September, 2015


“Windy Winshields” –Drawing by Peter Ryder, east gable, 2016

Exposed cobbled floor – Heather P.

Early 20thc fireplace.

Group – Richard Carlton, Heather Waldron, Allan Wightman, Heather P., Diana Smith


St.Bathan’s Chapel – Drawing by Peter Ryder, May 2016

Interior – with Richard  Carlton

Interior with Heather P., Diana Smith, Barbara McCabe &?

Interior, with Diana, Barbara, Allan Wightman, Richard, &? In waterproofs.

Exposed east wall.


Miscellaneous Photographs


Stacking Straw after threshing – no date.

“Flitting Day” in the time of the Waterfords – taken at Ford Bridge  - no date.

Building a long hay stack from pikes lead by horse and bogie.

Singling turnips at Cookstead, (Andrew Turnbull at centre.

Bondagers singling turnips at Scremerston.

Cutting corn with horse drawn binder – no date.

Etal Ferry, 1904

Etal Castle – from a postcard

Farm Staff incl. Bondagers – no names or place?

“The Friendly Hound” at top of Ford Bank – no date.

School children at Heatherslaw Mill – no date.

Bundle of postcards: Ford Village, 1913; Lady Waterford Hall; Ford Castle, 1902; Etal Manor; Mardon House; Humbleton Hill, Wooler; Norham Castle; Norham Village, 1907; Norham Bridge; Habbie’s Howe Road, The Pentlands; Routin Linn Rock Art.



TILLVAS – MAPS & PLANS (as at December 2016).

1610 – Copy of John Speed’s Map.

1669 – Court Rolls, Manor of Ford (incl. Crookham), Sant/Dec1/17/12

1762 – Survey of Crookham Farm, coloured, 2DE/15/2/1 with names of tenants.

1763 – Map of Crookham and Heatherslaw, ZMD/85

1764 – Plan of Crookham for Sir John Hussey-Delaval by Andrew Trotter, 2DE/15/2/2

1769 – Copy of Armstrong’s Map.

1780 – Plan, partics. of old and new road, Crookham Westfield to Barelees & Learmouth, NRO 1216/B4/8

1781 – Map of Branxton Common by Richard Richardson, Encl. Awards, 2/DE/17/1

1787 – Plan of Mount Pleasant, Oak Hall & Henlaws, by Andrew Trotter.

1795 – Plan of Pallinsburn Estate by T. Roe (G.A. Askew Esq.) 2DE/15/3

1800ca. – Plan of boundaries between Crookham and Heatherslaw, with the farms of Robert Fish and Thomas Jeffries,

1820 – Copy of Fryer’s Map, Flodden Hill. By T. Rae (G.A. Askew Esq) 2DE/15/4

1823 – Plan of Branxton Hill & Branxton Steads, by Thos. Bell, ZHE 31/1

1826 -  Plan of Mardon and Branxton

1834/1870 – Map of Flodden Field, Rev. R. Jones.

1837 – Township of Ford (Mrs. Rogerson)

1842 – Document – Branxton, Rent charges in Lieu of tithes, DT/66/S

1848 – Documents & plans re. Sale of Branxton Buildings & Branxton Moor, ZHE 31/2

No date – Plan of Crookham Village, (A3) coloured, NRO 559/16

1866 – Ford, Etal & Crookham, sheet X.

1870ca. – Survey of Crookham Village for the Marquis of Waterford, NRO599/17

1897 – O/S on linen, 2nd Ed. Sheets, 3,5,6.

1897 – Branxton Steads, East & West Monylaws, sheet 13-4, linen

1897 – Map of Branxton East, sheet X13, NRO 436/10/13

1897 – Kimmerston  part of Ford Westfield, sheet X1V-3, linen

1897 – Branxton Village, Pallinsburn Blue Bell & west of Crookham Village, sheet X13, linen

1897 – Howtel, West Flodden, Kings Chair Hill & plantations, sheetX1V-5, linen

1897 – Part of Milfield Village, Milfield Hill & East Flodden, sheet X1v-6,, linen

1898 – Cramond Hill, New Heton, Pallisnburn Dairy Farm, sheet 1X, linen

1898 – Etal, New Etal & Etal Rhodes, sheet X10, linen

1898 – Branxton Moor, Branxton Hill, Blinkbonny, Flodden Hill, sheet X1V-1, linen

1898 – Map of Crookham East, sheet X14, NRO 436/10/14

1898 – Ford Village, Hay Farm, Ford Hill, Ford Moss, Ford Common, sheet X15, linen

1898 – Pallinsburn House, Crookham Eastfield, sheet X9, linen

Late 19thC – Plan of Crookham Farm, NRO 559/119 (NRO 2085/59)

No date – Plan of Pallinsburn Estate (A3), incl. Branxton, Crookham & Flodden Hill.




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Treasure Trove.


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